Get Fierce!




What you can do to help solve the problem:

There are many ways that you can affect change in your world.  Remember that you hold great power with your ability to vote with your dollars and this will go a long way toward making you a leader in affecting change. Here are a few suggestions:

  • every time you buy a magazine with unrealistic beauty ideals you are giving the editor your THANKS – be careful who you support!
  • Get Fierce! Boycott stores and products that sexualize girls and teens!
  • write letters to editors of magazines.
  • if a fashion mag promotes a narrow, unrealistic beauty standard that only 5% of us can achieve  – don’t support them by buying it. Find a better product/mag that is honest and respectful to beauty in all shapes/sizes/ages/races.
  • write to TV networks, show creators – they listen to feedback.
  • Do a Media-Detox.  Turn off the TV/media for a few days or a week if you can.
  • encourage your friends to see through the illusion. Ask your teacher to host a screening of Cover Girl Culture.
  • go without make-up for a week! Get your school to take part in this!
  • Take back your power: YOU decide your happiness not a number on a scale or your wardrobe!
  • build your self-esteem so media won’t be able to prey on you. Self esteem is like a muscle; you have to flex it to strengthen it.
  • parents – you are your child’s role model. Be mindful what you say about your body and how you speak about others.  Your child learns what is valuable in a person from you.

Complaining about the problem is no longer enough — we have to stand-up and take action now!
Current petition online:  VS is marketing lacey thongs to teens and girls. Stop them.