My origin: born and raised in Canada: one of the best places on earth.

Childhood: climbed trees, frequently on imaginary mission-impossible quests, talked to animals, skipped stones on the lake, bike rides, built forts, cloud watched, defyied gravity as long as possible, raced in my six-million dollar man shoes, collected rocks/stamps/smurfs/coins, tamed squirrels, played piano, fished for trout/perch, Girl Guide.

Teen years: basketball (nearly 2 hrs every day), high-jump, piano, life-guard and swim instructor at YMCA, babysitter, went to movies on occasion, A-student, did my share of partying and got bored with it quick, danced like a loony-bird with friends, suntanned during the rare weeks we had warm weather, anti-cliques and people who thought ‘brands‘ made a person cool. Cursed with wearing hand-me-downs – which ended up a handy life lesson.

College years: went to university to become a vet. Then changed my mind after walking into the clinic and seeing a silver table covered with a pyramid of severed dog heads with their brains exposed – nearly lost my lunch. Had a tough year with mono and barely made it through.  Kinesiology became my new goal but it was put on hold after just 2 yrs of school – to travel/model with Elite to earn money for school.  What a bizarre adventure and waste of time that turned out to be.  But I have since turned it into something positiveCover Girl Culture (documentary)

Model days: paid to wear clothes and pretend to love products that I knew nothing about how they were made – if they were from sweat shops or were environmentally toxic.  Snore. Embarrassing part of my life. (was not a top model, as many reporters mistakenly mention)

Media Renegade days: when I was 25 I started online zine for girls called GET REAL that was ahead of its time.  We made one issue and let it float in cyberspace. Imported hand-made, edible skincare from Australia.  Learned html web-design, flash and fireworks in mid 90s. Taught basic computing to senior citizens. Authored two children’s book on emotional intelligence:  Adventures in Dreamtime and Oceans of Emotions. Produced/directed documentary ‘Cover Girl Culture.’ Produced ‘Seeing Through the Media Matrix’ (a companion DVD to CGC). Currently producing a second documentary. Guest on CNN, CBS, CNN The Joy Behar Show, Fox & Friends, Fox Live, CTV Canada AM, CTV Provincewide as well as Laura Ingraham’s radio show to challenge media and parents to respect and honor our children.  (definition of Renegade = an individual who rejects conventional behavior.)  My mission is to create a CLEVER GIRL CULTURE!  I now offer workshops for schools, youth groups and girls organizations. Nov 2013 I gave birth to my first child, a daughter, who has made my mission even more important than ever.





Awards: Mayor’s Honor List 2010. Awarded Parents’ Television Council Seal of Approval for Cover Girl Culture. Delray Beach Film Festival Award- service to society, Official film in Women’s International Film Festival – Miami Beach.  Sept 2011 – invited to be on the Parent’s Television Council’s Advisory Board.

Favourites:  chocolate, the colour orange, autumn, Anne of Green Gables, LOTR, BSG, Harry Potter, my husband, family/friends, Apple, Dresden Files (books), cat training (really), writing, chocolate (it’s that good), Etsy, camping, hiking, practicing yoga, playing basketball, nature photography, surfing (in warm water), reading sci-fi/fantasy, watching movies, baking, gluten-free foods, inventing things, Steampunk, masquerade balls, Renaissance faires, costume design, D&D, spinning poi, England, castles, Dr Who, LED mini string lights, external hard drives, eneloop batteries, SD cards…   I’ve been gluten-free for 20 yrs for health reasons and have a coveted, top-secret chocolate chip “oatmeal” cookie recipe (no oats) and a carrot cake recipe that is out-of-this-world.

When I was approx. seven I remember writing a plan on my pink paintbrush note-pad about how to feed the starving in Africa. I had watched one of those heart-breaking stories on starving children in Africa and was struck by how little was needed for medicine and food (or was it just the meds) – 25 cents a day. So I sat down and wrote out how Canadians could give 25 cents a day. I did the math based on the population of Canada x 365 days and was amazed how easy it would be to raise funds. I also thought that superman could fly over a huge frozen lake and bring them water for free 😉

(book signing in London 1998 or 1999)

Masquerade Balls & Renaissance Faire fun. 2011-2012. Steampunk Pirates!

Hiking & Camping adventures.